About Ming Cheng

Ming is a Chinese composer, singer, and pianist, as well as a classically trained musician and perpetual researcher of world music. Collaborates with international directors, including directors from Beijing, New York, London, and Hong Kong. Music creations are inspired by independent travels in 21 countries. Composing for motion pictures, network television shows, and documentaries. Member of the Society of Composers and Lyricists in the United States.

Composer for short film, TV, and game.

  • Worked with Joan Grossman, an independent media artist, and producer, and worked with Alex Haver, a student from Dickinson Collge, to produce the short film Bule and shadow.
  • Composed for animation film Genesis, Holy Fork, What’s the catch.
  • Produced the Rap Song for Andrew Yang.

CCTV Sing Together, Mentor 

  • Worked as a vocal teacher to mentor choir members who  accompany the famous singer Li Jian’s worldwide concert tour
  • Performed songs with the singer “Lao Lang” on the National Television  to celebrate Teacher’s Day

Kenya Research Project; Researcher

  • Conducted field research in Kenya to study about wild animals such as white rhinoceros
  • Wrote “Dialogue with Real Buyers: How to Engage the Chinese in the Fight Against Illegal Wildlife Trade?” and published in one of the most influential international platform The China Africa Project
  • Attended the awareness campaign to protect wildlife in Nanjing Librairie Avant-Garde Bookstore 


  • Publication in the China Africa Project 2018; Research Topic: “Dialogue with Real Buyer: How to Engage the Chinese in the Fight Against Illegal Wildlife Trade
  • Nominated UNEP Youth Champions Of The Earth 2018
  • Original Soundtracks selected for the theme song competition for the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games.
  • International Art Festival in Singapore, Bronze Prize 2017
  • Graduation concert in the Nanjing University of Art, presentation with three original soundtracks
  • Personal concert held in NUA Theater, Nanjing